Design Background

Hello, thank you for looking at my site. I am Adelaide Leeder and I am an illustrator, animator and graphic designer based in London. I have a not-so-secret love of all things retro, from clothes and kitchenware to old-school animations and 50s product packaging. If I could animate like Ub Iwerks and make prints like the Ames bros I would be one happy lady. My favourite thing to be doing on a Sunday is illustrating, character design and animation, but this has spilled over into logo design & branding, screenprinting, 3d modelling and animation, motion graphics, film editing and post-production and all sorts of graphic design. I generally have a ‘can do’ approach to anything a client might need. If I don’t have the software knowledge, I’ll sit down and learn it. So after 7 years of doing this I have accrued a somewhat bizarre yet very broad array of geeky skills and software competance. So please drop me an email. Even if just to say hi.

People I’ve been lucky enough to work with as part of full time employment and as a freelancer

Past Times
The Creative Foundation
Seed Video
Fear Driven Films
The Christopher Winter Project